Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brooklyn's 6 Month Appt

Brooklyn's six month appointment was a success.  She received her vaccinations like a champ with very little fussing.  We got one small surprise a couple days before the appointment when her first tooth popped through.  There were a few small fussy periods, but for the most part she acted as if nothing was bothering her.  Brooklyn's measurements at her 6 month appointment were: 16.8 lbs (63rd %) and 27.25" (95th %).  We have begun feeding her baby food and oatmeal.  She is starting to get the hang of it and is becoming a good eater.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry It's Been So Long

It is amazing everything that goes on in one short month.  This past month we were lucky enough to have my mom come down and spend the week with us during her spring break.  We had such a great time and the kiddos hated to see her leave.  During her stay they were able to make a trip up to the Columbia Zoo and also headed to the beach.  I am pretty sure fun was had by all. 

We are also very busy with the art of potty-training.  Brayden is making some very good progress.  His potty board is becoming filled with stars and smiley faces.  Lets hope he keeps on progressing.  Diapers for two is becoming very expensive.

Brookly continues to grow and amaze us each day.  I am really starting to see her girly side come out (she is quite a babbler).  She managed to roll over from back to front and shortly thereafter from front to back.  Really scaring me to think she is going to be mobile very soon.

Here are some pics over the last month along with some new professional pics.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Ears are Pierced

Afetr receiving her 4 months shots, we decided to take Brooklyn to get her ears pierced.  We went to a local Claire's and picked out her earrings.  Momma went with her favorite color, some amethyst studs.  Michelle wasn't sure she would be able to stay around while the piercing was happening, so she took Brayden to PetsMart while I supervised.  Brooklyn took the piercing surprisingly well.  She did shed a few tears, but it sure didn't last long.  She looks so cute with her new earrings.

Brooklyn's 4 Month Appt

We are blessed to know that we have a healthy 4 month old girl.  Brooklyn had her 4 month appointment last week and received a clean bill of health.  She measured in at both 85th percentile for weight and height.  She did a great job with all of her shots and goes back for another check-up in 2 months.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can't Wait to See What Changes the New Year Brings

I truly can't imagine wathching my two babies grow any more than they have this past year.  I watched Brayden become a talking machine, a caring big brother, and an independent young man.  He started the year out with some 2 to 3 word phrases to carrying on entire conversations.  It is a breath of fresh air that he can now tell us what is bothering him as opposed to guessing what a tantrum is about.  He even sings us a song every now and then. As for being a good big brother, I can't tell you how many times I have seen him comfort his baby sister when she gets fussy.  He does it all: rubs her head, reads her a book, and rocks her swing.  As for being independent, lets just say he might as well have his own place.  He is getting dressed by himself, eating on his own, and finally entertaining himself.  He could spend hours outside playing by himself and with Ace.

As for Brooklyn, we obviously only got to see her grow for 3 months.  But it was amazing to see her develop.  I think my favorite thing to see her do was to smile.  Nothing brightens my day more than seeing my little girl smile.  She has also given mommy and daddy a little break.  She is sleeping from 7:30 in the evening to 8:00 in the morning  with only 1 to 2 feedings during the night.  This is much better than the every 2 hour feedings we were experiencing.  She also loves to sit in her Bumbo chair and watch the world go by. 

With all of the changes we've seen, we can't wait to see the upcoming changes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We were so blessed this year to be able to travel home to Tennessee for 2 long weeks!  The trip started out in Greeneville, TN visiting Pauls extended family.  We then went to Nashville to spend sometime with my family.  We did Opryland Hotel (by the way..after the flood..they have redone it) and boy was it beautiful!  Brayden loved all the greenery and lights and little Miss Brooklyn slept in the snuggie the whole time.  We got to meet up with some old friends and spend quality time with my family.  We ended the trip in Knoxville, TN where we spent some time with Pauls family.  Both kids were troopers and loved all the attention.  Even Ace came along for the ride and did wonderful.  Santa brought Brayden a train set, clothes, and a 4 wheeler Power Wheel.  Brooklyn got clothes, a teddy bear, money, and much more.  We are so blessed with such wonderful families.  We had a great trip, but glad to be home and get the kids back on a somewhat normal routine. Here are a few pics from the trip: